Guild of Design

The Guild of Design is a professional group of veteran designers who have at least 8 years of experience working as designers in the entertainment arts industry. Experiential architects as well as physical architects along with show set designers, interior designers, lighting designers, sound designers, media designers, graphic designers, character designers, FX designers and of course art directors and production designers. We also certify illustrators, and artists as well as scenic artists. The guild is based in Hollywood which has been and remains the entertainment arts capital of the world.

The Guild is based on the old artisan guilds such as the one led by the Leonardo da Vinci. There has remained an unbroken chain of instruction by master to apprentice since the very first cave paintings. We only admit journeyman, masters, and their apprentices. There are no dues to belong. Membership is for life and it is always free.

Membership is by invitation only. You may request membership from any active member of the guild.

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