TMG Capital

Established in 1997 by Luiz Francisco Novelli Viana, a well-known Brazilian businessman TMG Capital is a leading firm that provides services to international Private Equity (PE) funds that intend to invest locally in companies that have the potential to consolidate its market and expand its business.

TMG believes that it is positioned to provide attractive returns to its investors and to its partners in all invested companies due to its experience, analytical capacity and investment methodology, as well as due to its deep knowledge of the Brazilian market and the vast network built over the years.

In TMG’s style of investing and business building, each company is unique and extraordinary performance demands a specific strategy and implementation plan. It is within this context that TMG utilizes its major asset, its team, formed by complementary profiles and competencies. It is also intrinsic to TMG’s approach to always work side by side with the management teams of all investee companies, always aiming for sustainable growth over the medium and long term.

TMG Capital’s first fund, TMG I, achieved a multiple of invested capital of 15x in Brazilian Reais (R$) and an internal return rate of 47% per year, without financial leverage. In US Dollars, the multiple of invested capital was of 12x with an internal return rate of 40% per year. Today, after having raised circa US$ 500 million in three funds, TMG is investing its TMG II and TMG III funds.




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