Proximity LAN

Proximity LAN is a monthly LAN party held in the Main Hall of the Edenvale Community Center in Edenvale.

Currently there is space for approximately 80 people on a switched Gigabit network.

We run a small tuckshop which sells items such as hot dogs, chocolates, snacks, softdrinks, and coffee.

At each LAN we have a projector, hooked up to a game console with some awesome games. We have a Playstation 3 as well as a Nintendo Wii. Games played include Rockband, and Guitar Hero.

We run game servers at each LAN, giving everyone the opportunity to play what they most enjoy. At present we run servers for: Quake 3, Team Fortress 2, F.E.A.R., GTA San Andreas, CSS LAN Edition, Call of Duty 4/5, World of Warcraft. Any server suggestions from our lanners are welcome.

Monthly competitions include Call Of Duty 4, Call of Duty 5, Counter Strike, D.O.T.A, Unreal tournament, Left 4 Dead, etc… We give away great prizes, including : PC Games, ADSL accounts, and various computer hardware such as hard drive enclosures, game controllers, RAM, etc…

Our goal is to provide the best LAN experience to the Edenvale area as well as the surrounding areas such as Kempton Park, Bedfordview, and Greenstone, though many lanners come from other parts of JHB and PTA.


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