MTP - Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V.

As an independent student association, „MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis“ (Marketing between Theory and Practical life) has set its goal at the enrichment of marketing training at universities, vocational and professional schools in Germany. Within 30 years MTP has acquired itself the reputation as “student marketing competence”.

This means:

Work & fun in a national network of students, alumni, companies and professors
Self dependent, engaged, creative and practical working
Social and soft skills, passed on from students to students

Thus MTP represents a singular platform for the development of future decision makers in the German marketing scene.

MTP tries to realize this goal by offering an extensive service portfolio, addressed to students and companies:
Marketing content related activities: workshops, lectures and congresses like e.g. the “Marketing Horizonte”, the largest marketing congress in Germany
Consulting projects, in which MTP offers a large range of services from market research over creative solutions up to development and implementation of complete marketing concepts to its business customers
Internal training courses enabling MTP-members to gain methodological and contentwise know-how in marketing relevant topics already during an early stage of their studies
Publications covering marketing contents, like the customer magazine MTP.Mehrwert or the MTP-alumni book edition.

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