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隆道发展与战略研究院 (Longus Institute for Development and Strategy Limited),简称“隆道智库”,为具公益性质的第三方独立研究机构。隆道智库以龙永图(中国入世首席谈判代表、博鳌亚洲论坛前秘书长、中国G20研究中心主任)和郑永年(新加坡国立大学东亚研究所所长、教授、著名中国问题专家)为领军人物,由林志奇任理事会主席,设隆道研究院、隆道国际咨询中心和隆道国际学院,分别邀请郑永年、曾士生和徐冠林担任理事长。隆道智库为非盈利性的战略、发展和思想研究中心,提供高端培训和咨询服务。由福建林氏兄弟提供启动资金。

Longus Institute for Development and Strategy Limited, or LIDS, spearheaded by Mr Long Yongtu (China’s Chief Negotiator for her WTO Accession, Secretary-General for Boao Asia Forum, and Director for China’s G20 Research Centre) and Professor Zheng Yongnian (world-renowned China expert, and Director for East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore), is a third-party independent think tank registered as a not-for-profit Institution of a Public Character (IPC) in Singapore. It comprises a research institute, an international consulting centre, and an international institute, each helmed by Prof Zheng Yongnian, Mr Chan Soo Sen and Prof Su Guaning, and aspires to be a mind-hub for strategy, development and research, as well as a centre of excellence offering top quality executive education, consultancy and research.

Leveraging on Singapore’s unique position as an East-West gateway and her free and open research environment, LiDS is well-positioned in the study of the rise of China and its influence on Asia Pacific geo-politics and socio-economic environment. It will also conduct independent study into topical issues and difficult problems confronting the globe and recommend strategies and policy options from an Asian perspective, thus helping to shape policies and, in so doing, help governments build sustainability and harmony, with the ultimate objective of raising general well-being and happiness for mankind. Over and above these research work, LiDS conducts executive education and consulting for enterprises, governments and organizations. With a neutral political and religious stand, LiDS aims to offer unique value propositions of respectable global standing.

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