SC Youth Challenge Academy

South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe Academy is second chance program developed to assist high-school dropouts, 16 to 18 years of age.

The South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe Academy offers two classes per year, beginning each January and July. The program provides a wealth of education and enrichment opportunities over the course of the 22-week residential period. The program is offered with the SC National Guard's commitment to serving this state's at-risk youth -- youth who represent South Carolina's future.

Core components of the program are:

-academic excellence (GED/high school diploma attainment)
-life-coping skills
-service to the community
-health and hygiene
-job skills training
-leadership/followership and
-physical training.

Youth ChalleNGe is a two-part program.

The first part, the Residential Phase, is five months long. This phase includes a two-week Pre-ChalleNGe phase, a short opportunity to adjust to the rigors and discipline of the program.

Following the Pre-ChalleNGe phase, Cadets enter the ChalleNGe phase. Using a military structure, current and retired members of the South Carolina Army National Guard and other branches of the military provide military leadership and discipline for students during this residential phase of the program. Youth ChalleNGe is based on leadership, teamwork, and self-discipline as taught and modeled within a quasi-military framework.

Students can expect these values to be thoroughly integrated into all aspects of Youth ChalleNGe, honoring the motivation and desire of an entering student to become a productive, employable young adult graduate.

During the second part, the Post-Residential Phase, students pursue their academic and vocational goals with the guidance of a mentor from their home community. The mentor helps the graduate to explore continued opportunities for success by assisting with career planning and decision making.

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