House of Sticks Video Production

House of Sticks is a video production company in Dallas Texas. We specialize in video production, branding, website development, iOS and Android development. Dallas and Worldwide. We are a collection of digital production specialists who have years of experience in our specific fields. We work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and some you’ve never heard of to create marketing, advertising and enterprise solutions for the automotive, sports, medical, retail, food, beverage, technology and financial industries. Our video production team can create broadcast or internet commercials, videos and even short films with Hollywood quality. We have a web development team that tackle all things about the internet.

We handle classic TVC broadcast compliant production and internet deliverables. Our body of work is split into two distinct groups, corporate video production, training series video production, web deliverables, live production and high-end Hollywood type filmmaking, cinematographers, cranes and all. We have a few levels of teams so we can handle all types of projects from the simple interview to high-end art-filled motion pictures.Literally there is a project for every budget. We help get your idea from the video playing in your head onto the screen with a full suite of pre-production video services.

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