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Three Big Ideas about Social Media and Web 2.0:

1. The first big idea behind all the Web 2.0 hype is that web content - written words, images, video and sound - is independent from web site design. In Web 1.0 your content was presented mostly in a rigid, one-way-street message medium, integrated with and dependent on code and design. Any interaction you may have had with users, was not “with” the content, but parallel to it at best. Today, thanks to Web 2.0, your content can be made far more flexible; allowing your users not only to easily share it, but also access it and interact with it in lots of different ways. In effect, your audience decides the medium.
2. The second big idea is that because it is unbound, Web 2.0 facilitates Social Media. The new technologies allow you and your audience to easily share content interactively without needing to know how the technology works. Use it well and you can inspire people - clients, prospects, stakeholders and others - to become engaged in conversations both within and interconnectedly with your content… and your brand.
3. The third big idea is that these conversations happen in “virtual time;” that is, your “now” shifts to whenever content is read and commented on. This means that these new conversations are bestowed with a sort of permanence and can be revisited and revived numerous times.

As these new communications norms become more widely adopted, you and your organization must manage conversations about your brand in an environment you cannot control and that you probably cannot erase.

Know this: If you choose not to work at managing the new communications environment, it will be managed for you.

So, let me help you navigate this new virtual terrain. Call me at 850.942.6329. Email me at Catch me on twitter at

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