Vastama Ltd

--- Vastama HighTech is engaged in the full product cycle services,
including Research and Development, QA and Testing.

We provide the following expertise:

* Analytical and Consulting services.
* Research and Development of the real-time embedded systems and web / mobile applications.
* Define and Build company's QA/Testing department, define quality methodology.
hire team, build testing environment.
* Outsourcing per customer request.
* Our team will work on project or product basis either at Vastama premises or at the customer site.

Why choose our services:

* Highly experienced team, most of our engineers hold the Master Degree.
* Low price and fast ROI.
* Our staff located in Israel, not abroad

--- Vastama Employment Division (Reg N% 2195, 10 HaPlaut st, Rehovot, Israel).
We strives to assist new immigrants and returning residents to strengthen their absorption in Israel through integration in employment in positions that are commensurate with their skills.

Together with Tel-Ran Computing Solutions Ltd we run special program for adaptation of software programmers and QA testers accordingly with Israel IT technologies by Ministry of Absorption and Jewish Agency.

We aims to help new immigrants find suitable employment.‚Äč If you are interested in absorbing immigrants in professional jobs, you can contact our office and provide exact information about your requirements, profession, specialization, age, etc, and we will try to provide you with suitable personnel that suits your needs.
We provide possibility of financial assistance is given in the amount of half of the minimum wage salary for a period not exceeding 6 months. This assistance is designed to provide a response to immigrants for whom a natural and suitable place of employment has been found and who are absorbed in a place of work that combines training and employment.

Vastama Ltd founded by Oleg Sher in 2014, Reg Id 515052702

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Privately Held

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