SME Manufacturing, Chapter 248 - Spokane WA

SME 248 is a local chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SEE ALSO: - we are located in Spokane Washington, USA - we are a group dedicated to advocating and assisting manufacturing in the Inland Northwest (Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho Area) We are interested in manufacturing technology, LEAN manufacturing processes, and science and technology education. SME248 feels that plant tours, seminars and other events offer a real opportunity to the business and manufacturing community. (1) By seeing how other businesses organize their operations and solve problems. (2) By understanding the crucial role played by manufacturing in our economy, and how it is the engine for almost all other kinds of economic activity. (3) By providing a practical educational experience that broadens our understanding of how different business segments fit into the economic whole. (4) By showing why students should not pass up manufacturing as a potentially satisfying and lucrative career choice (It's not your grandfather's factory anymore) (5) By providing a useful setting where business and manufacturing professionals can do some industrial strength networking (pun intended). It is not a coincidence that the current SME motto is: MEET | KNOW | GROW. Type: Professional Organization; LinkedIn Group Members: 166. To Join the SME248 LinkedIn group GO HERE:

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