Innomedia is establishing a portfolio of LED video billboards throughout Ghana and Nigeria. This is being achieved through a collaboration with Innobanking, Innorest Hotels and Innoauto.

Innobanking provides satellite Micro-branches and Macro-branches as a business development and financial inclusion strategy for the banking industry and has received orders and EOI for over 500 branches in Ghana.

Innorest Hotels incorporate LED video mega-billboards into trendy pod room budget hotels located in prime CBD locations. Designed as a public amenities solution, a pilot site has been provided at Madina, Accra, Ghana in a collaboration with the Government of Ghana with the intention to roll out in each of the 216 Municipalities throughout Ghana.

Innomedia intends to establish the largest portfolio of networked billboards in Africa. The networked capacity allows multinational brands to launch or promote a product instantaneously throughout the country. The network shall extend into remote rural areas that are otherwise not accessible and provide screening of free movies and major sporting events for the remote rural communities.

Innomedia has distribution rights for satellite streaming broadband Internet and TV for West Africa and intends to provide ultra-high-speed and reliable Internet capacity to the banking industry.
Innomedia is establishing a portfolio of mobile media and full vehicle wrap billboards. This is being achieved through a collaboration with Innoauto.

Innoauto specialise in a range of robust public transportation vehicles that are specially designed for reliability and rough road conditions. Innovative advertising initiatives provide funding options in order to assist the infrastructure development in rural areas.

Opportunities exist for recruitment executives to establish a team of reliable entrepreneurs with high integrity to manage outdoor media sales teams in towns throughout rural Ghana and Nigeria.

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