Yali Dream Creations

Yali Dream Creations is a comic company focused on creating original stories to engage global audiences using comics and graphic novels. Yali Dream Creations brings original and imaginative stories with an admixture of horror and fantasy; mind-bending sci-fi and mythology.

Current Projects

• Yali Dream Creations (YDC), among other projects, is currently working on creating two properties simultaneously: The Village and RAKSHAK. The Village is a unique horror story set in rural Tamil Nadu, and RAKSHAK is a realistic-superhero-inspired-vigilante story set in urban jungles of New Delhi.

Motion Film Adaptation

• YDC has sold off the rights to one of its stories (The Caravan) to a top production house owned by an A-listed actor from Mumbai, India, in March 2016, for motion film adaptation.

About The Caravan

• It is an 88-page classic horror/action/adventure graphic novel (comic book) with a touch of Bollywood masala.
• When 'The Caravan' becomes a movie, it will be the first ever graphic novel/comic book adaptation to motion film in India, a true path breaking.

YDC Vision/Objective/Goal/Plan
• YDC’s vision is to entertain the global audience through creation of comic books and graphic novels.
• Objective is to be one of the best in its class.
• The goal is to create and release at least 5 new graphic novel/comic books every year for the next few years, offering a potential for motion film adaptation.
• To support this goal, YDC plans to expand our core team to 15-20 professionals, globally.
• The chief creative officer for YDC is one of the top comic book writers of India, who started his career with Virgin Comics aka Liquid Comics aka Graphic India.
• It intends to bring onboard an American writer, both as writer and editor-in-chief and very experienced personnel for business management and continued success.
• YDC is actively seeking funds to support its goals and business objectives.




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