Halow Tassava Consulting

Bash Halow and Brenda Tassava established Halow Tassava Consulting in 2013 after they discovered that their working dynamic, core values, and vision for veterinary consulting and practice management were so in tune with one another. Always looking for ways to meet the varied needs of their veterinary practice clients, Halow and Tassava saw the opportunity to bring more to each practice through collaboration with one another, and their network of talented colleagues and friends in the industry. HTC reaches out to and employs the most talented managers who come with years of experience and training specific to our industry. Our goal is personalized, caring service that is affordable, while helping you realize the true joys of veterinary practice ownership!

Our Mission Goals

Our clients KNOW we care.
Work environments matter! We believe that you grow strong plants in great soil.
We walk our talk. We have the same expectations of personal growth and management habits internally, that we expect you to have in your organization.
We catalyze relationships in the veterinary community to bring the most affordable and best talent to our clients.
We foster relationships with vendors who share our interest in helping practices grow.
We believe in a work process that is truly enjoyable.

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