BiTAC is a platform of services that combines a team of specialists in clinical lab specialists, clinical documentalists, IT managers, Chemists and a terminological data base and a powerful group of tools for its exploitation. BiTAC is an initiative promoted by BITAC MAP S.L.

BiTAC’s main objective is to provide the adoption of standards in the laboratory data, a strictly necessary requirement to guarantee the semantic interoperability in the EHR (Electronic Health Record) projects.

BiTAC acts a Standardisation Server, serving to the Health Service’s EHR central platform.

EHR, Semantic Interoperability and Adoption of Standards

The implementation of EHRs has to go yet through the study and adoption of standards as an unavoidable previous step to achieve interoperability.
Some of the standards’ adoptions have been aimed to the medical image treatment (DICOM), the medical data formats (ASTM, HL7) and the way to represent health actions (NANDA, CIE9, SNOMED-CT…).

Structural standards such as HL7 allow technical interoperability, making easier the integration between heterogeneous systems.

Semantic interoperability is obtained through the use of controlled and structured vocabulary.

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