DİSA aims to conduct in-depth research on the economic, social, political and cultural problems in Turkey, first and foremost the Kurdish Issue in Diyarbakır, a city with a distinct identity and a shared significance for the Kurds.

The goals of DİSA are to disseminate to public the findings of its studies so as to provide a basis for the solution of social problems and to produce knowledge so as to contribute to the formulation of forward-looking policies.
DİSA is based on the fundamental principles of democracy, human rights and anti-discrimination. It will seek to bring together individuals of different points of views under the umbrella of these values and to facilitate their dialogue.

DİSA sees the ethnic, religious, linguistic and other diversities within society as a source of richness. Thus, in all its studies, it will seek, as a matter of priority, the construction of an egalitarian social structure which will enable the peaceful co-existence of all differences, the construction of democracy and the restitution of justice and rule of law.

The goal of DİSA, which is an entirely independent body, is not to be a part of daily politics, but to conduct studies that will open new frontiers for the social and political development of society and have impact at the national and international levels.

DİSA works on three research programmes

Mother Tongue First: Mother Tongue and Multilingualism in Education Project
Community-based Perception of Transitional Justice and Peace Building
Diyarbakır Regional development and Fight Agaisnt Poverty

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