CWIIL Group Global Regional Headquarters Denmark

Based in Denmark and managing the full portfolio of Services, Solutions, Products and Projects in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and China, CWIIL Group Global Regional Headquarters Denmark works closely with CWIIL Group Global Financial Headquarters in London, UK and CWIIL Group Global Marketing Headquarters, Mumbai, India, and also with Back Offices and R&D Centres spread across the Globe.

CWIIL Group of Companies' Products, Services, Project and Solutions are in a multitude of Verticals including, but not limited to, Infrastructure, Power, Oil & Gas, Legal, Media, Technology, ITES, HR, Shipping, Aviation, Real Estate, Hospitals, Health and Medicine, Education, Funding & Investment, Business and Legal Consultancy, and Public Private Partnerships, and other CWIIL Group Units, worldwide, to name a few. All the Products, Projects, Services and Solutions are offered both severally as well as jointly depending on the needs and requirements.

For ease of Implementation and for Single Window Communications, all the Products, Services, Projects and Solutions from different CWIIL Group Companies can be provided through the Group's Corporate Management Group, which specializes in such wide operations covering many verticals.

The Regional Headquarters has its own Governing Board and Directors, Operational Heads and each and every company is a separate Legal Entity, which are collectively called as part of CWIIL Group of Companies.

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