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Are you dissatisfied with satisfied customers? You likely already know that satisfied customers aren't loyal. You need customers who will fight for you on social media and over Thanksgiving dinner.

Which emotion do you want your customers to feel when they think of you? Have you designed each interaction to lead to that inevitable feeling of X? Would your customers say their experience was reliable AND desirable?

Funny, 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but ONLY 8% of their customers agree with them (so says Bain and Company).

We built CX Groove to specifically help creative businesses craft amazing stories for their customers to LIVE through, stories they can use to brag about you. We exist to help you keep your brand promise and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Are you a Creative? We do our best work for people who don't deliver cookie cutter products, people who work in Tech Start Ups, Agencies, and Events. We focus on improving the relationships and hand-offs between your employees who must communicate clearly and consistently with customers. So if you have designers, salespeople, project managers, account managers, or customer success folks; we can help them hit numbers and deadlines, remove friction, and delight your customers!

We help move you beyond the next sale and way beyond unsatisfying customer satisfaction. We help your teams find their groove in retaining customers who will fight for you. By 2020, the main way companies will differentiate from the competition will be through consistently delivering a delightful Customer Experience. Your CX is the hardest thing for competitors to copy.

Do your customers see you as RELIABLE and DESIRABLE? Drop us a line. We can align your brand promise, your teams, and your processes to solidify your reputation for delivering excellence. We'll help you get in the groove!

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