Soft Design Ltd.

The Soft Design was founded in 1987 and is one of the specialist Software House with a staff of analysts and programmers developing high quality software for Greece as well as on the international market.

The Soft Design sells, produces and maintains computer products of interest to Greek users and provides training, analysis, optimization and maintenance of installed systems.

Community participates in EU programs for the establishment and implementation of information systems as well as Director Management and Evaluation.

The activities of the staff of Soft Design stand out in three main categories:

• Choose the right system, a proposal the best solution and preparation of cooperation with the client - the user.
• Help in installing the system - a solution, while educating the client and monitor the development.
• Continuous operation of the equipment by providing maintenance services by qualified personnel both on S / W and on H / W.
For the proper functioning of these drastiriotiton, staff is continuing education in educational centers.

The main objective of Soft Design is the proper satisfaction of customer needs and protecting their investments.

Good satisfaction means: the right choice solution for present and future needs, proper operation of equipment in a timely and thorough training of personnel of the customer, maintain a continuous operation of the equipment maintenance service by skilled technicians are always available.

Protecting customer investment in equipment, programs and expertise means: scalable on-site systems software products as compatible with international standards, new products, "host" of the old systems.

The Soft Design has installed so far small, medium and large integrated systems in IT Companies, organizations and ministries. He has trained executives of public and private sector in IT and has developed and installed specialized and innovative applications.

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