Mind Matrix Wellness Studio

Self Discovery To Self Actualization
Mind Matrix Wellness Studio is dedicated to guide people to live a purposeful life with vitality and mindfulness by creating the “Holistic Mind”. Our mission is ‘to empower people worldwide to enrich their lives with the know-how of achieving authentic happiness by way of realizing their full potential and ultimately finding their deepest purpose.’ The courses and training programs conducted under the aegis of Mind Matrix will surely help you in finding your rationale and bringing you closer to your Authentic Self. Mind Matrix Wellness Studio aspires to inspire people worldwide to discover their innate abilities and expand their inner resources to become cosmic citizens. It is our endeavor to help people develop their capacities in Thinking, Emotions, Self-regulation, Physical, Interpersonal, Spiritual and Moral domain to create Holistic Minds

Mind Matrix Wellness Studio offers a wide range of programs including special workshops and Professional Courses in association with International Coach & Trainers Association (ICTA), Denmark and Cyprus (www.makani.com).

NLP Coach Practitioner Training Program
NLP Coach Master Practitioner Training Program
NLP Trainers’ Training Program
The Akasha Healing & Mind-Body Wellness Workshop
In addition to these, we also have a wide range of workshops and programs suitable for individuals.
We are a team of trained and experienced Counselors, Healers and Trainers devoted to our mission of training brains and creating Holistic Minds.

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