SO ME Academy

SO ME Academy was created, like itʼs forebear social media, to bring great communications to the masses and great opportunities with it. We learned that with great opportunity comes great responsibility; and set about crafting a way in which we could literally teach people how to look more successful, act more successful and be more successful on digital platforms.

We help social & digital media come from the heart of the organisation. Social is by definition; attitude and behaviour which takes the needs of others into account. The key is to relate to people, engaged but respectful, open and honest. Great socialisers are natural, charismatic and engaging – so we think you should be too.

You are your own special little creation. We arenʼt pretentious enough to claim to transform your brand – itʼs great as it is; but we will help you onto the front foot by being positive and proactive – not simply wait for the next “big” development. We understand that social connections happen everywhere, every second of every day, in the real world and in the digital world.

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