Many organisations highly value the insight that qualitative research brings to
the development of communications, new products and services, content,
positionings and other marketing materials.

If only they could use it more often. It is slow, expensive and resource heavy. And not always a practical option in a crowded development calendar.

But now there is a way to get the magic of qual, that is - deep human truths and
practical market feedback to guide internal development - in days instead of
weeks - for a fraction of the cost of traditional qual.

Qualie is an online, self-service, video-driven platform that blends
the insight and thinking of qual research with the culture and efficiencies of
modern agile processes.

Qualie allows you to build your marketing offers closer to the market, with more
feedback from consumers and more time for iterations and optimisation.

Qualie delivers:
Market feedback on… comms, products, content, positionings, ideas, designs
Faster and more affordably than ever before
With deep confidence and clarity
That goes beyond the superficial and rational to the shared human truth
driving responses
In a way that will go viral within the organisation

For more information contact Rob Marjenberg (rob.marjenberg@qualie.com)
or Ainslie Williams (ainslie.williams@qualie.com)

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