La Clé de Soul

Clementine Noordzij (June 23, 1975) started her singing career during her part of the Up With People world tour back in 1993. This is where she picked up many high level performing art skills while singing as a solo artist and backing vocalist, dancing and hosting various items of the show in different languages.

While successfully completing a study in Dutch Civil Law in The Netherlands, she continued singing and acting in numerous plays and musicals. She took classes with singing teacher Lea Schepel. In Amsterdam she continued her vocal education with Beer Teipe and Kirsten Schoetteldreier.

In 2007 Clé started singing as a backing vocalist in the Amsterdam jazz / soul band BBconnected. This was the moment when her solo career really took a flight. She performed at many different occasions, such as a book presentation of famous Dutch writer Susan Smit, a reunion of the Royal Air Force, a client meeting of Rabobank and a charity gala for Kids Rights, broadcasted by TROS TV.

While Amsterdam is her desired home base, Clementine gets to travel around the globe to sing for high end companies, private parties and hotels in The Dutch Antilles, Rio de Janeiro and Canada. Getting connected to different cultures and experiencing a broad horizon both globally as well as personally is one of her great advantages. And she ‘absolutely loves it’ as she likes to put it herself!

Together with guitarist/ producer Bas Fortgens she is currently producing a lounge CD. As a singer/ songwriter she combines poetic lyrics with jazz, soul and trance influences.


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