Lyrical Noor

Mamun Miah began memorizing the Qur’an in the 5th grade. He didn’t stop there. On a quest for
knowledge that took him into full Islamic Studies, he became a certified scholar, imam, and
reciter of Allah’s Holy Book. While verses of the Qur’an are always fresh on his lips, Mamun
also recites his own verses of poetry. Poems inspired by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s
statement: “Surely, there is wisdom in poetry.”

He uses the sound and rhythm he learned from his early years in New York’s Hip-Hop
movement and layers his flow with powerful words in the hope of making a positive impact.
Mamun realizes there are some ideas he can only convey through poetry. As the Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) also said, “Surely, there is magic in some speeches.” This project is a quest
to tap into that well.

As a self-described youngin’, Mamun understands the difficulty the youth face in today’s

While the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved to listen to poems for his own entertainment, often
times the wisdom found within was the larger intent. Using poetry that speaks to the higher
purpose in life, Lyrical Noor hopes to inspire that light in the darkness.

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