3D Group (3D Contracting of Central Jersey Inc)

Established in 1988 3D Group is a full service contracting company here to cater to multiple aspects of the construction process.

Our mission is to operate in such a way that our product and services will be consistently known in the marketplace to be: priced competitively; of the highest quality; and delivered at the agreed upon time within the agreed upon budget.

Through Total Quality Management (TQM) 3D Group has realized that it is only when the client becomes successful that we share in their successes. The contractor/client relationship is the key to a successful project, which is why the 3D Group philosophy is one of full disclosure. We will disclose all project related accounting, validate all project related costs, and give our clients the straightforward, honest answers they need at any time.

Aside from full disclosure and absolute honesty its our innovation that excites our customers and convinces 1 time developers to invest and build again. Our innovation is based on 4 basic principles.
1. Structure the agreement based upon the client project demands. There is cost associated with risk, reduce risk therefore reducing the overall project costs.
2. Unique methods bring about vision. The client has an idea or vision of an end result; it is our mission to provide the ways and means of achieving that vision.
3. Maintain a proactive approach to the owners concept, design development, and budget/time restraints.
4. Develop a partnership with the client during project conception, whereas when the client feels anguish, so de we and vice versa. We are there to reduce frustration associated with development or redevelopment.
Through these practices and our ongoing desire to outperform and outgrow our competitors 3D Group sets itself above the rest. Our goals and philosophies are based on client satisfaction, not bottom lines.

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