South Beach Boot Camp, Inc.

Together, Venus Vega, CPT (triathlete, coach, and personal trainer) and Wesley Smith, PhD (elite triathlete, national lecturer and professor of exercise physiology and nutrition) merge science and fitness to bring you the South Beach Boot Camp, a challenging, fun and effective exercise program which has been designed to help people improve their physical well-being and quality of life.

With every program they design and every aspect of their business, Venus and Wesley place the goal of helping people enhance their lifestyle as the foundation of the South Beach Boot Camp program.

Unlike a health club, wellness center, or gym, members of the South Beach Boot Camp will train on the beach, in a team-like atmosphere, toward the shared attainment of improving body composition, strength, flexibility, and cardio-vascular endurance. Members feel as if they are training for battle, and the enemy is the obstacle that stands between them and their fitness goals.

For some it is the extra body fat, for others it is a family history of cardiovascular disease or individuals competing against their personal best marathon time...South Beach Boot Camp, Merging Science and Fitness on the Beach.


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