Pranatma Deva Spa

Namasté & Welcome to PRANATMA DEVA SPA

PRANATMA DEVA SPA is a sanctuary - a beautiful place where you can escape from the every day stress and attain balance within your self.

PRANATMA DEVA is derived from Sanskrit - the ancient language of India

PRANATMA means the unity of PRANA the vital force with ATMAN the self or the soul of a human. PRANATMA is the vital spiritual field which unites the totality of our subtle bodies

DEVA means divine or heavenly

We believe that the well-being of our body is connected with the well-being of our mind, our soul and our surrounding.

True beauty is more than skin deep - it comes from deep within - we are beautiful when our body, mind and soul are in harmony.

PRANATMA DEVA SPA a is an oasis of tranquility where your body, mind and soul will find heavenly relaxation and your life energy will get recharged.

We offer you a holistic well-being - while your body gets pampered, your mind will find peace and your soul will be uplifted by a healing touch and your senses by beautiful natural fragrances.

We believe that our senses are the gateway to our souls.

PRANATMA DEVA SPA offers you an exceptional personalised and professional service through a high qualified therapist. You can benefit from our successful longtime Day Spa experience in Switzerland.

PRANATMA DEVA SPA can create personalised wellness packages for you to meet your individual body needs.
We invite you to indulge yourself with a blissful treatment from our Spa Menu range in our beautiful Spa with an unique elegant ambiance surrounded by asian artifacts - an experience that is guranteed to delight all your senses.

Divine relaxation for Body, Mind & Soul

You‘re worth it



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