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With our national debt surpassing 17 trillion dollars, we as small business owners have become part of the “pay back plan” for our government’s misguided spending sprees. According to conservative estimates, small business owners are overpaying their taxes by $160 billion every year.

My name is Stephan H. Brewer and for past 17 years, my firm and I have been helping business owners, just like you, drastically reduce their tax bill by as much 62% using our unique, proven and 100% legal Tax-Reduction, Profit Maximization strategies and tax resolution services.

PROACTIVE TAX PLANNING: For over 17 years we have been providing proactive tax planning services to plan and execute 100% legal tax planning strategies that will help legally slash your tax bill by 5-35%

AUDIT PROOF YOUR BUSINESS: Einstein once said "the hardest thing in the world to understand is Income Taxes". Is it any wonder that most small business owners struggle to take advantage of every tax deduction legally possible? We help craft systems, processes and procedures that simplifies record keeping.

MAXIMIZE PROFITS AND REDUCE COSTS: Revenue is important but Profit is what matters most!. It is very important to understand if the cost is an expense or an investment and we help you understand the relationship so you can maximize profits.

BUILD AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Value, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We help you build and grow your business so you can exit the business on your terms and get maximum value for your hard work.

TAX RESOLUTION SERVICES: If you are experiencing any of tax problems and need an experienced, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist to battle with the IRS or state agencies.

P.S. Ask us for the free report that will show you how to Legally Slash Your Tax Bill By Up to 62%, go to http://www.legacytaxresolutionservices.com

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