NHS Supply Chain

With the challenge ahead for the NHS to deliver £20 billion in savings by the end of the financial year 2014/2015, and £1.2 billion to come from improving procurement, procurement needs to be considered as a strategic priority. NHS Supply Chain is uniquely positioned as the national provider to work alongside trusts to respond to the evolving landscape.

We have increased our range of products into areas such as implants and theatre products to meet customers’ needs whilst rationalising the overall size of the catalogue from 600,000 product lines to 315,000 to help NHS organisation purchase products more efficiently.

Managing more than four million orders per year, across 120,000 order points and 10,000 locations, our systems consolidate orders from over 600 suppliers, removing the need for 40 direct deliveries per day, saving trusts time and money and removing duplication of overlapping contracts.

As well as expertise in procurement and supply chain, we offer trusts a named customer service advisor, clinical nurse advisors and a full account management service. We aim to work collaboratively with trust at this challenging time.

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