The Seed Fertility Program

To overcome infertility and repeated disappointment, women need specific tools, guidance and instructions that are proven effective and easy to incorporate.

The Seed Fertility Program is a holistic online course created by Danica Thornberry, L.Ac., one of the first acupuncturists in America to specialize in acupuncture for fertility, who is credited with helping over 1,500 infertile women conceive healthy babies, including 2 of her own.

Danica realized that important dietary advice and emotional healing was missing from the conventional female infertility treatments, and created Seed in response to the needs of her infertility patients.

Learn how you can become more fertile & increase your chance of IVF success, using:

Fertile Foods:
What we've been told is a “healthy diet” is not what creates the most optimal fertility diet. Eating certain foods at specific times of the menstrual cycle makes a huge, positive impact on women’s egg quality, number of follicles, uterine lining and overall sense of wellbeing. Foods can be powerful fertile medicine.

Fertile Thoughts:
Telling yourself to just “stay positive” when trying to get pregnant isn’t enough. Thoughts, feelings and emotions play an important role in your ability to conceive a carry and baby to full term. Clearly directed journal questions and positive affirmations each day will guide you to greater peace and calm.

The predictable logic of your menstrual cycle:
Fluctuating hormones mean you have different dietary and emotional needs before and after ovulation. Gain better understanding of your body’s physiology and how to use this information to improve your fertility.

Strategies to restore your confidence and decrease stress:
Doctors consistently report that when patients feel more relaxed and confident, success rates increase. Learn how to use Fertile Thoughts to calm your nerves and improve your confidence.

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