Weight Wins

Based in London, UK, Weight Wins is the pioneer in diet rewards. Its programmes reward individuals with cash and shopping vouchers as they achieve their weight loss goals.

Personal incentive plans are available directly to the public and via health organisations, employers and insurance companies interested in their members’ health. In addition to rewards, Weight Wins members are motivated by email and telephone support, online tracking tools and resources, and competitions. Weight Wins has been recognised by the National Obesity Forum and the NHS.

Weight loss plans can extend to 24 months and rewards can exceed £1,000. Members join via a website, and pay a joining fee as they would to a gym or weight loss group. Customers are attracted by the incentives, but join to get ‘the motivation to succeed’. Over 30% of members are men, making Weight Wins the first attractive weight loss solution for this group. In trials, including the NHS, Weight Wins members lost significant weight and maintained the weight loss for over a year.

Weight Wins only rewards safe weight loss achievable through sensible eating and moderate exercise. The company’s Medical Advisor is Dr. David Haslam, an obesity specialist and chairman of the National Obesity Forum. Members’ weight is certified by health professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, and nurses.

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