Marque - Brand Partners

We build brands. It might be from scratch, a refresh or a repositioning. It could be a new name or a new look. It could be for a corporate or a SME, a product or a service. Or a place.

We treat branding and design as business activities. Their jobs are to raise awareness, win more market share, attract great people, enhance employee engagement and increase shareholder value.

What We Believe In:

We’re passionate about the power of branding, the aesthetics of design, the beauty of images, the cadence of words, the impact of communication, about our work influencing people’s behaviour, perceptions and beliefs and how all this contributes to creating, transforming and growing successful businesses.

We’re open and welcoming. We like clients coming to see us. We get things done, no matter what.

We’re busy and energetic. We’re generous with time and advice. We don’t cut corners and we respect processes. We’re not judgmental, but we do have opinions.

Brand strategy, digital strategy, naming, website design, annual reports, employer branding, photography and copy writing.

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Privately Held

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