CLARCEPTO was founded in 2015 to enable our customers to not only collect the information from sensors but to also understand how that information affects their business operations. Clarcepto supports the collection of information in real time from a variety of sensors including video cameras, motion detectors, IR sensors, RFID tags, microphones, and WIFI signals. The ultimate goal of CLARCEPTO is to provide the same insight that companies get from analyzing their customer’s activities online by providing analytics products which help profile their customer’s activities in the real world.

CLARCEPTO’s Omniview suite of analytics software enables our customers to individually track each person who enters their retail, manufacturing or medical ward space. It allows our customers to understand where they spent time within the space and what they were doing in that space. It uses machine learning algorithms to uniquely identify each customer and directly ties to existing analytics packages to allow aggregation of data by our customer’s analytics teams. This enables individualized marketing in the retail space with the opportunity to directly market to each customer who enters the store. In the case of manufacturing, it allows the tracking of employees to ensure compliance with existing procedures to prevent defects in products as well as safety and security. Finally from a medical ward standpoint, it ensures access security to critical wards, discourages property theft, and improves monitoring of patients.

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