Corvia Biotechnology Group LLC

Corvia Biotechnology Group LLC provides expert advice across a range of subject areas relevant to industrial biotechnology companies. Our aim is to complement existing resources at client companies to successfully move forward research and development projects. The value that we create for companies may be in the form of trouble-shooting analysis and data review on existing projects, strategy development for new projects, periodic project or program reviews, or advice on purchasing the right equipment for your company's current and future needs.

Currently the subject areas that we cover are:

o Synthetic Biology
o Process Development
o Bioinformatics and NGS
o Analytical Chemistry
o Statistical Design and Analysis
o Project Management
o Regulatory
o Safety

Contact our Principal Consultant, Jamie Ryding by email at or by phone at (858) 220 1324 to discuss how Corvia Biotechnology Group can help your company.




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Privately Held

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