DeMars & Associates, Ltd.

DMA is a leading national alternative dispute resolution firm managed by the most reputable experts in the business. Each of our programs is designed to deliver the best dispute resolution process for all parties. Our programs include:

Consumer Arbitration Program for Motors (CAP-Motors): A lemon law arbitration program currently administering the third party dispute resolution mechanism for Porsche Cars North America. Disputes are resolved within 40 days in accordance with the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act and applicable state lemon laws.

Consumer Arbitration Program for Recreational Vehicles (CAP-RV): Currently administering the Florida RV mediation and arbitration program for Florida RV owners. Disputes are resolved within 70 days of opening the case. This program operates in compliance with the Florida Lemon Law.

Construction Arbitration Program for Homes (CAP-Home): A program for homeowners and builders to resolve disputes related to new home construction. These disputes can be reviewed through a documents only¬Ě process or can involve a visual inspection of the alleged defects. Cases are typically resolved within 40-60 days.

NetNeutrals: NetNeutrals is an online dispute resolution service currently working with eBay. We provide a service called Independent Feedback Review (IFR), whereby eBay Sellers can request a review of negative feedback that they feel has been left unfairly. A trained independent neutral will review the evidence from both parties and determine whether the feedback meets one of four criteria for removal. The process takes seven days. Visit for more information.

Dispute Resolution Auxiliary Services (DRX): A separate division of DMA that is currently operating the Vehicle Transfer Agent Program for Morley Companies. This program provides qualified, trained professionals who oversee the transfer of motor vehicle ownership from the consumer to the manufacturer.

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