SPARROW, a global leader in the payment in disruptive payment technology and superior services, was founded in 2006 and re-branded in 2015. SPARROW symbolizes the company’s perseverance, integrity and efficiency.

Innovations include:
• Interchange optimization
• Omni-channel and multi-currency
• Data security, tokenization, and fraud prevention
• US based in-house customer service

In contrast to, CyberSource and Stripe, we provide a complete solution to increase market reach, optimize supply chain and harden payment security infrastructure for companies like IBM, Avnet, and the US Dept of Defense.
We work with leading e-tailers, travel & tour services, healthcare providers, direct marketers, higher educational institutions and other growth-oriented companies from start-up to fortune 100 corporations who want to understand, evaluate and optimize their payment processes.
Payment security enforcement. Merchant behavior perfection. Fraud prevention. Payment system analysis. Platform integrations. PCI compliant. Cash flow optimization. Efficiency boost. Merchant Profitability. Mobility development. International payment solutions. Merchant growth initiatives.

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