Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, Inc.

With an extensive working knowledge of manufacturing systems, going back over 30 years coupled with real hands on shop experience, our representatives can best assist you in locating and securing the best machinery for your application.

Along with our own inventory, we can choose solutions from a close network of partners. If we don't have the solution your looking for, we will find it.

What We Do:

Buy - We can buy your one machine or plant full of machinery.....and we pay 100% before any equipment leaves your facility!

Broker - We can work directly with you to sell you machinery off your floor netting you full value!

Auction - Together with the best Auctioneers in the business we can Setup, Market, Advertise, Promote and Auction your excess equipment for continued operation or your entire plant(s) for an orderly liquidation.

Investment Recovery - We can assist lenders in recovering and liquidating assets.

Valuate - We can help you properly value what your equipment and investment is worth.
Recommend - With our experience we can recommend the right machine or process for your particular needs.

Machinery Finance - Whether you buy a machine from us or not, we want to help you finance your next new or used machinery purchase. Call us for more info at 813-444-4555

We at Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales are manufacturer's just like you. Since 1985 we have been working in and with machine shops, tool & die, mold and fab shops just like yours. We've turned the handles, programmed the parts, setup the vises, and machined the parts. Running the very machinery we now offer as solutions for your manufacturing needs!

We are consultants and partners, the best of both worlds as a machinery supplier! Call or email us today to find out how we can help your manufacturing needs.

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