ONS Educational Supplies

We are the company that we manufacture school-office furnitures and equipments in Turkey.

We are the company in Turkey for 10 years of work experience that get the power from customer satisfaction and variations. Our company serve, worldwide to educational institutions, public schools and private schools, colleges, private courses, study centers, religious high schools, universities, home schools a wide customer base. Focusing on changing customer and market needs easily accessible to consumers at affordable prices offers high-quality products, providing best in class service to our customers and finally match we create strong partnerships.

We convey confidence that our employees, our society and our health as consumers would respect the environment by operating as a company. we create a safe working environment with respect for human rights.

The most important difference with our competitors, our high quality production at an affordable price, customer satisfaction, and is also open to change and be innovative. This difference also hope to live with you, always at your service.

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