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Science Share, LLC provides services that make it easier for scientists to communicate their concepts and their research findings more directly with the general public. A theme amongst many science foundations is the desire to not only advance knowledge, but to bring the rest of the public up to speed with their achievements. Since we live in world of rapid change, many feel as though modern science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has advanced so far, so fast that the general public's perspective on these subjects is hopelessly out-dated. The United States government has even made an effort by creating a mandate that states that all federal foundation funded research must have a broader impacts component that will help bridge the gap between the modern STEM researchers and the general public, as well as improving the formal STEM education system on all levels. This form of communication involves taking complex, fast-paced and exciting research and putting it into a form that the scientifically illiterate can understand. This is a difficult task, and it is why most of the populus enjoys reading their science news in an overly simplified form from a non-scientist source. It is also why STEM education has been stagnant in comparison to the rate of growth seen in professional STEM research. This is why we decided to offer programs that support scientists' efforts to communicate with the public and improve STEM education.

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