Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation

Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, the sole custodian of game industry in Iran, was established under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture in 2006.
Amongst the responsibilities of such a foundation we can name the followings:

1) Organizing the policies,
2) Supporting the production of domestic games,
3) Supervising and enabling the distribution of the games in the domestic and international markets,
4) Holding national festivals and game expos.

Departments and Branches
Based on the established objectives, Iran computer and video games foundation has various departments and sub-branches. The most important of which are as follows:

1. Support department: The main purpose of this department is to support the game development companies by giving them financial support, providing them with the required infrastructures for distributing their game and by making regulations and policies that help the game development industry in Iran.
2. Iran Game Development Institute: it acts as the educational center of Iran computer and video games foundation which is responsible of training young game developers and providing the game industry the required skilled human resources.
3. Incubator:
4. ESRA: Iran is amongst the few countries that own an age rating system called ESRA short form of Entertainment Software Rating Association. Ratings of the games are performed by the corresponding established department.
5. Supervision department: It acts as the organizer of the market in Iran and prevents the selling of illegal games in the market.

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Non Profit

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