Tai Chi Culture House

We place our focus on Tai Chi. Tai Chi is not just a form of physical exercise either for health improvement or self defense. Tai Chi is one of the most significant icons of the traditional Chinese culture. It is the corner stone upon which all the important branches of the traditional Chinese culture are built and developed. Then it finds itself significantly magnified and wisely used in adjusting and regulating people's health conditions in physics and psychology
Therefore we provide proven programs which show ways and approaches for people with different backgrounds. Classes and various sized programs are designed to cater for different demands. Apart from traditional training of tai chi chuan and Taoist qigong, there are also specifically customized mini forms to meet people's demands for certain part of body improvement

The programs and classes are divided into three major categories
1. Yang's Tai Chi and Zhaobao Wudang TaiChi practice and training
2. Healing /Medical Qigong practice forms based on the Taoist Theory of Yin Yang Balance Harmony.
3. Internal Martial Arts, Hsing-I Boxing and Bagua Zhang Palm Kungfu




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