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The Price of anything is the amount of life you pay for it. – Henry David Thoreau

Why Mediate or Arbitrate?: Participants in mediation or arbitration voluntarily submit to these processes. People who arbitrate or mediate realize that conflict has its costs. Costs include:

Financial Price

o Attorney Fees

o Lost Productivity

o Time Lost

Physical Price

o Stress-related Illness

o Accidents

o Lack of Sleep

Intellectual Price

o Adversarial Assumptions

o Mistakes

o Failures

Emotional Price

o Anger

o Distrust

o Fear

o Grief

o Pain

Social Price

o Broken Relationships

o Distracted from Meaningful, Desired Relationships

o Risk of Escalation

o Loss of Family

Spiritual/Heart Price

o Surrendering to Bad Character

o Imbalance

o Values Warped

o Loss of Joy, Love and Hope

Systemic Price

o Dysfunction

o False Polarization

o Lost Opportunities

Referees can play an important role high conflict divorces. Since parties share parenting responsibilities even after the divorce, the potential for ongoing bitter disputes and new disputes is great. In high conflict divorces, the parties find it impossible to resolve minor disputes. The cost and delay of going to court results in escalation of conflict as the parties battle against each other for control and influence over the children. The children suffer in the midst of parental conflict. The court can give a referee authority to hear, investigate and decide such disputes. Decisions can be made in days rather than 7 to 12 months it normally takes in litigation.

In summary, to avoid investing an undue amount of your life in conflict, try mediation, arbitration and special masters.

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