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What Is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is an IRS-approved application by which Commercial and Residential Property Owners of new and/or existing properties can accelerate depreciation resulting in significant Tax Savings / Cash Flow. With the support of an IRS compliant Engineering Study, real property Owners reclassify and accelerate identifiable tangible building assets / components from their current 39 commercial or 27.5 residential depreciable life to an accelerated 5, 7 and 15 year depreciable life.

Why Cost Segregation?

Provides Tax Savings / Available Cash / Working Capital in the current tax year, available recovery from the past 2 tax years (or) applied to future tax years. Provides current Tax Savings / Cash Flow that can be used for Debt Reduction, Capital Improvements, Working Capital, Investments or whatever, without restrictions.

Get it Now ! “The Present Value of Your Money”

The Cost Segregation of “building components” will allow for easy and specific write-off of those components when they need to be replaced.

Who Can Use Cost Segregation?

Owners of new or existing Commercial Properties (Office Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Shopping Centers, Funeral Homes, etc,) and Residential properties (Apartment Complex, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living), irregardless of entity formation (individual, partnership, LLC, S Corp. or C Corp.) Active Commercial property owners and Family owned businesses who depreciate their building asset cost on their personal tax returns.

Residential (Apts. / Condos) and Commercial Investment properties that are actively owned and managed and not restricted as “Passive Income”.

Cost Segregation Will Work For:

Property Owners with “Taxable Income” and in need of Cash generating Tax Deductions. Commercial and Residential Buildings that have been purchased or built since 1986 and have an original Tax Depreciation Book Value of at least $300,000.

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