Cinesound Europe

Cinesound Europe is the film sound studio of Aesir Studio post-production house.

Placed in a quiet residential neighborhood, 8 km from the center of Bucharest, our studio offers complete post-production sound services for film, including DCP mix up to 7.1 for short and feature documentary and fiction films.

The dubbing stage is a large, quiet, comfortable space (over 130 cubic meters), it's equipped with HD video-projection and cinema-style precision acoustic treatment.

We rely on Dynaudio for studio monitoring, running two Protools HD systems in parallel for performance and/or safety. The core of the studio is the Digidesign C24 mixing console, and we have a separate foley/voice-over 11 cubic meter hemi-anechoic recording room (150Hz-20Khz).

We work with many different plugins, including the Waves Mercury complete suite.

Our services:

SFX & 5.1 ambience recording in the field
Sound design
Sound editing
Dialogue editing
Sound cleaning and restoration
Foley recording and editing
Voice-over&ADR recording and editing
Re-recording Mixing for DCP up to 7.1

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Public Company

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