iERP Company ®

iERP Company ™ is developing integrated ERP2.0 applications by harnessing the power of big data, cloud, and mobile computing. We are advancing the opportunities in break through architecture to provide unprecedented value to our customers, big or small.

Our mission is to seamlessly tie together productivity, messaging, collaboration and social networks platform into traditional ERP modules where working together is as intuitive and seamless as working alone.

Some Web based Features of iERP Prototype:
1. Use of big data to measure employee performance (accurately and objectively) and assist employees in improving performance in a non-obtrusive way.
2. Predict any project's anticipated success/failure.
3. "No feature left behind" guarantee (in the future).
4. Context based calendaring for people, events, and projects.
5. Configurable processes/work flows.
6. Subscription of tasks/events
7. Automated alerts for tasks, events, and work flows.
8. Collaborative tools such as chat, notification, instant messaging built into the application.
9. Gantt charts (wip), data visualization graphs.
, data download (excel format).
10. Context based document management system for attaching/updating of documents in the cloud for people, project and tasks.
11, Full suite of ERP products.
12. Integrate-able with existing ERP, and/or existing infrastructure and/or custom applications.




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