For The Win eSports Club - Clube de Desportos electrónicos

For The Win eSports eSports Club is an nonprofit organization based in Portugal, founded in February 2011 as clan and became a eSports club in 2012.
The Project For The Win eSports eSports Club combines the capabilities of young players, all with the goal of being the best in their game. Thus was created the present clan and formed the proper teams, moving large masses adept as games like Counter-Strike Source, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Minecraft, Dota2, League Of Legends, StarCraft II, etc. This is a project run by young entrepreneurs with strong management skills and innovation, not only with national projection, but also internationally. FTW eSports represents Portugal in national and international events.

Now we have two projects running in the association:

FTW.Progaming: competitive teams at the highest level representing the FTW in competitions. Each team have at least one manager, and two staff to assist their needs. The FTW.Pro use the red Logo, and the tag “For The Win”.

FTW.Club, that integrates all the support that FTW gives in terms of technological infrastructures and capital gains, so that, new teams, new guilds, can grow, develop, have their own space and aspire to the ProGaming, either inside or out of FTW.
The FTW.Club is sub-divided in:
- FTW.Evolution (green logo)
- FTW.Academy (blue logo)
- FTW.Club (golden logo)

By this way, FTW can have a broader community, help more, produce more and contribute more to the National and International Gaming.

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