Foenix Coding Ltd

Foenix Coding Limited are a UK based company. All the members of our organisation are ex Sauven Marking Limited employees. We have brought with us all our skills, experience, knowledge, expertise and, more importantly, our enthusiasm into this new venture. In short ….. THE SAUVEN TEAM ARE BACK TOGETHER.

If you have any questions relating to Sauven Marking equipment, we would like to hear from you as some third parties are unable to repair Sauven printers with the unique parts. A member of staff at Foenix Coding possibly sold, built, tested, serviced, repaired that printer – for those reasons – we can and want to repair it to ensure your production lines run smoothly.

We, at Foenix Coding, want to ensure your printers keep running until YOU decide to change. We would be happy to provide you with information on our new range of high resolution ink jet printers that are direct replacements for the Sauven Marking products. If you are looking for consumables for the ink jet range or the contact coders then we can also provide these.

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