Inner Balance Wellness Center

Inner Balance Wellness is a well lit, spacious and peaceful environment committed to mind-body balance providing services in pilates, yoga, energy healing, meditation and nutrition.

People have discovered that the core strength and integration that they attain during their pilates and yoga practice helps support them in the course of daily activities and crosstraining. Likewise, those who also practice yoga, find that pilates gives them the stability that they need to control and execute their yoga poses safely. Yoga also strengthens the core, but mainly concentrates on stretching, increasing flexibility and expanding consciousness through movement. While pilates also increases flexibility and body awareness, the distinction between the two is the degree of focus.

A regular pilates and yoga practice will help prevent injury, improve performance in sports by increasing core strength, stability, coordination, balance and circulation. Improve postural problems and build longer and leaner muscles, improving the way your body functions, looks and feels

Whether you have been practicing for years or are just starting out, Inner Balance can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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