VIVE Lifestyle Network Limited

VLN is the first entirely ultra high definition [4K], long-form, 24/7 linear TV network available globally on every screen in every format. The network offers experiential lifestyle television series and programmes complemented by relevant opt-in interactive advertising and comprises niche channels in the realms of gastronomy, travel, home & garden, fashion & beauty, health & fitness, music & entertainment, weddings, crowdfunding, and indie films.

VIVE Lifestyle Network in association with UHD innovators Samsung, SES Satellite, Harmonic, Inc., and major UHD camera manufacturers – is embarking on a pursuit to empower film & television students and professionals worldwide with the knowledge, resources and work experience necessary to successfully bridge into careers in the realm of UHD – the future of TV.

UHD Initiative's mission is to enable both emerging & established content creators to:

• Learn and master skills specific to ultra high definition television production through work experience

• Launch real made-for-television UHD productions and subsequently careers of longevity

• Leverage the resources and prolific distribution provided by UHD Initiative so as to propel the movement

The three pillars of UHD Initiative are VLN Community, Club VLN & VLN Academy. Learn more at or

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