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Consultica Worldwide Pty Ltd is a management consulting firm specialising in five consulting segments all focused on helping new businesses and ventures start and growing existing businesses. Our forte is in Business Start Up and Development, Business Strategy, International Education Start Up and Registration, Human Resources Consulting, and International Business Development and Quality.

Our boutique consultancy practice adopts a unique blend of management consulting principles and street-smart, practical solutions grounded in business reality. We recommend to our clients, what we are able to do ourselves, so we shift the traditional boundaries of consultancy and venture into deployment. The credibility we bring to the table is that we offer to not only consult to you on the best strategies to adopt, but are also able to implement those strategies for you, should you need us to.

Consultica Worldwide Management Consultants are seasoned experts in the art and science of management, business, education, strategy, human resources and internationalisation of commerce. We help client’s start-up businesses, re-locate businesses, grow the enterprise and resolve human resourcing and other challenges.

Our consulting offering spans a wide spectrum of services from helping business professionals select and develop a new business venture, to setting up the policies and procedures to run it, through to mergers, acquisitions, government registrations, market development, sales channel development, marketing and resourcing. We are also able to identify, recruit and develop local management talent with multi-lingual abilities to help you start up your business, achieve government registration/accreditation and run a viable business.

Our areas of expertise include: new venture and seed-capitalised business and established enterprise. We are experts in business, strategy, commerce, organisational behaviour, human resources and global business development.

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