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Healthy Balance delivers personal health coaching services to individuals, groups, and companies. Customized plans are created to educate and mentor individuals toward reaching their health goals and maintaining an overall life balance. Healthy Balance also creates and presents seminars and workshops covering a wide variety of dietary health topics such as sugar, gluten and the benefits of dark chocolate.

We know that food affects not just weight, but so many other aspects of our health. And we also know that fad diets and radical changes simply don't work. Healthy Balance works with individuals to identify their particular needs and day-to-day challenges, then develops personal plans focused primarily on food and diet, but also on basic fitness, work/life balance, stress reduction, and other factors affecting the client's overall health. The goal is to help clients make manageable and sustainable dietary and behavioral changes that lead to a variety of health improvements such as weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, sharper focus, etc.

Healthy Balance works in the real world and recognizes that individuals have a variety of real life challenges: long work hours, kids' activities, food allergies, limited resources, and on and on. Individually customized plans address those challenges head-on and make it possible for clients to make real and effective changes using tips and techniques for meal planning, pantry stocking, quick and easy meals, and one-dish meals.

Healthy Balance specializes in several specific areas, including sugar addiction, gluten-free eating, heart-healthy eating, and women's health. And while weight loss is not approached as a singular goal, it is often achieved along with other goals that make the weight loss healthier and more sustainable. 

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